Kondo Family Dentistry team

Kondo Family Dentistry

Welcome to the Office of Team Kondo

Team Kondo is our office motto — used to describe the cooperative effort to make every person who steps into the office feel welcome, at-ease, and most importantly — like part of the family. Each member of our team plays a vital role in building positive relationships with patients. Team Kondo is committed to helping our patients achieve their oral health goals by providing excellent preventative, restorative, and esthetic dental care in a friendly, compassionate, and respectful manner.

Team Kondo takes pride in providing comfortable, yet thorough cleanings, comprehensive consultations and treatment plans—all with a conservative approach.

Restorative dentistry is our expertise. We have re-built and created many beautiful smiles. Even if your problem is minimal, restoring it now can prevent bigger problems in the future.

Having beautiful, straight, white teeth is becoming common place in the media as well as in our small community. Team Kondo strives to have all of our patients maintain their natural healthy teeth.

Our Smiling Patients Say...

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