Preventative Care


Tooth Brush and Floss

Team Kondo takes pride in providing comfortable, yet thorough cleanings, comprehensive consultations and treatment plans—all with a conservative approach. Our office uses digital X-rays, as well as computerized business and clinical patient records to ensure our patients will receive the best diagnosis, preventative, and restorative care.

From the day your first tooth grows in as a baby, prevention is key. Annual dental exams, professional cleanings, and diagnostic X-rays are crucial elements for maintaining optimal dental health.

It is recommended that children find a dental "home" by the age of one year. This allows children to begin with a positive dentist-patient relationship and builds the foundation needed to maintain a lifetime of good oral health. Early care and prevention is the best way to ensure long term oral health and lower caries (cavity) risk. We would love to be your dental home and are happy to care for your entire family.